The Positive and Negative Consequences When Writing With Technology


In Wendy Leibowitz’s “Technology Transforms Writing and the Teaching of Writing”, she claims that writing with technology can have both positive and negative consequences. One negative consequence presented about using technology when writing is how student’s essays are longer but worse. Leibowitz stated “Many students do not revise or even proofread their work, relying instead on software to check spelling and grammar” (Leibowitz 137). I have been a victim of this exact statement, many times while I am typing I will just continue to type and forget to read what I just typed. Then when I receive my draft back, the teacher has noticed mistakes that I would have noticed if I would have proofread my work. Since I have experienced this, I now reread my work before I submit it. Also when using technology, I feel as if I’m not putting all of my thoughts into my paper. Now I write my ideas out before typing them to get the full effect of my typing. Although using technology has negative consequences it also has positive consequences.

One negative consequence presented about using technology when writing is how it reduces the intimidation factor inhibited when writing. Sven Birkets, a lecturer in writing at Mount Holyoke College, said “The good thing that everyone always says about technology is that it seems to reduce the initial intimidation factor in writing itself” (Leibowitz 138). When writing, I tend to misspell words due to the majority of my brain being focused on thoughts. Technology displays the words that are misspelled and allow you to choose the correct spelling of the word. I also tend to have run on sentences when typing and again technology display the mistake and allow you to fix it. This reduces the intimidation factor of me misspelling words or having run on sentences.

So as Leibowitz claimed, technology can have both positive and negative consequences. It just determines on what type of writer a person is. Whether their ideas and work ethic prospers when writing on paper or when using technology.

State Champs (Part 2)




As the returner left the field with the help of the medics, the crowd applauded loudly to show their respect for the player. It was their ball and we had them pinned inside their own 20. With the score knotted up at 28, we knew they were going to try to come out and score fast. We knew who they were going to. As they broke the huddle and approached the line of scrimmage, everyone noticed that Dixon was not on the field. This scene had all of our minds wondering. We all knew that Dixon was not injured. We started questioning ourselves, Did he change jersey’s ? Is he injured ? Does he have equipment issues ? Is this a trick ? We knew this future Alabama stud was not giving up that easy. Our corner was yelling to us but it the crowd was so loud that we could not understand him. Because of his hand movement, we though that he was signaling a new play. So we went from a coverage defense to an all out blitz defense.


So as the ball was snapped, we all blitzed, flying out of the backfield was this tall nice manly human being. It was him! Dixon! He had been covered by a tight end and no one could see him. The quarterback threw a 15 yard bullet screen pass to him, Dixon snagged it out of the air as if it was a ball of cotton.He dodged the corner and shot Straight up the field for an 85 yard touchdown. Once our defense had come together, We revealed that our corner was trying to tell us that Dixon was covered by a tight end.


After the PAT, we all went to the sideline. Expecting coach to roast our rear ends, he coached us again and motivated us to be great. We all talked and understood that this was a misunderstanding and agreed to be 100 percent tuned in for the rest of the game. As we turned around to watch our offense, we saw Fritts mossing his opponent sprinting up field a 73 yard gain. He was tackled at the 3 yard line. The next play our Fullback Kydrian Green bulldozed his way in for the score. Just like that the game was all tied up at 35. As the kickoff was approaching, we saw Beatty jumping up and down like a sprinter at a track meet. He had already put one player out and was looking to put this kid out. Our kicker Boomed the ball which resulted in a kickback. The returner must have been happy to see that.

State Champs




I caught the ball on the 45 yard line of the opponent’s side of the field. It was the fourth quarter, one minute and thirty seconds remaining. The score became tied up. The field had been ruined by cleats on the players on both teams. All of the uniforms were ripped, and covered with mud and blood, because of the war that was going on. You would have thought it was a war in Iraq, due to all of the bombs that had been thrown for a score. Looking over at the sideline I saw nothing but injured players from both teams. All you heard in the stands were falls cheering, stomping, and blowing their bull horns. This all came from the excitement of the 4A State Championship Game.


The score was tied up 28 points for both teams. Each team had yet to score a rushing touchdown. John Dixon, the receiver for the opponent’s team had all far touchdowns to himself. While on our team the touchdowns were split by 3 different players. Justin Fritts leading them with 2. John Dixion had been burning our secondary all night, from the left side, to the right, and even across the middle. He had to at least have about 18 catches for about 280 yards and a for sure touchdown. He was going off to the University of Alabama to play college football for Nick Saban. This kid had been a nightmare for our defense all night long.


As halftime approached, Coach Wilkes made it clear that he wasn’t happy about this future crimson tide star making the #1 defensive team in the State look terrible. After about five minutes of hell, coach quickly designed a game plan to darken this kids light. Not only did he install a different game plan, but he also motivated and inspired us to go out there and play the last game of the season to our greatest ability. After the halftime speech, we took the field with a different mindset. This time we felt like we were the #1 defensive team in the state. I could see it in the secondary coach’s eyes that they weren’t allowing Dixon to embarrass them anymore.

As the second half begun, it was noticeable that the coach’s speech had an impact on our performance as a team. The kickoff team ran down the field as if they had someone or something after them. Our safety, Jerome Beatly was the first to approach the returner, and I must say the returner’s mother had to be scared for her child at that point. This had set the tone for the second half.